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When I Grow Up

Sisters, Ivanna (15) and Maria (7), live in Colombia, South America. Ivanna and Maria have big dreams and support each other, as sisters should. Maria wants to grow up to be a software programmer; Ivanna wants to be an astronaut, and they plan to do it together! Maria will create her own applications for cell phones and computers, so she can accompany her sister to space by controlling her ship on Earth. Now, isn’t that cool? Ivanna even got to go to space camp last year. She says, “we decided to start building a rocket project because I would like to be an astronaut and my little sister has been interested in the topic too because of me. So my parents started wondering which kind of activity could support my sister’s curiosity. We found out that my sister is really creative, and she likes puzzles. So, we bought puzzles set in space for her, and now, she also started to want to be an astronaut!” We, at the Magic SandBox, think these sisters will go far…

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