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An Article By Rachel Kelly

Everybody has flaws, but I think people’s biggest flaw is not believing in yourself. Trust me I have to work on that myself. Yes, this is a flaw but this kind of flaw can be fixed! All you have to do is believe in yourself. In this article I will be showing you how when I believed in myself, I accomplished something I never thought I would be able to do!

One day in my dance class we were asked to perform our recital dance, I thought to myself sarcastically “Great!”. Even though I knew my dance well, I was nervous and had little confidence. First, there was one group of 5 girls and one of 6 girls. One of the groups would go first, and while the first group went the second group would pick 3 girls to move on to the next round. I was in the first group so I was really jittery, then somehow I was picked to go on to the second round with 5 other girls. I actually wasn’t too surprised about going on to the second round because I knew I wasn’t terrible at the dance. When the 5 girls (including me) danced the second round, the girls who got out picked 3 more girls to move on to the third round. Miraculously I moved onto the third round, and after this round, there was only 1 more round! We danced yet again to our recital dance until it was done. I could not believe that I moved onto the last round I decided if I could make it this far I think I will have more confidence! This last round was hard, I was dancing with another really good dancer! This time I believed in myself and I won the “dance Idol” for my dance class! Since this made me really happy and since the confidence I had seemed to be working, I decided from now on I’m going to trust in myself and have confidence because if you have confidence and faith in yourself, you are more likely to achieve things you want to do or to win. I recommend having confidence, it looks good on you!

Our featured reporter for this page is Rachel Kelly.  She is 12 years old and a sixth grader in Western New York whose hobbies include photography, fashion and music.

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