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Magic SandBox Cupcake Decorating Event 2019

Our first cupcake decorating contest in Bethany, New York was a HUGE success!! Thank you to everyone who attended, decorated, contributed, and enjoyed. If you missed out, be sure to request we come to your area for our next event. Send us an email magicsandboxwebazine@gmail.com.


The cupcake decorating categories and the winners are:

1. Most colorful: Amelia

2. Creative creature: Garrett

3. Magic SandBox themed: Tucker

4. Your choice: Ciara

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Thank you, Dr. Gladys Cleland, for sponsoring our first cupcake decorating contest and all of the volunteers who spent their time making it a fun-filled day! Thank you to the Bethany Fire Hall for hosting our event, and thank you to Isobel Breck for organizing our Chinese Auction. Finally, thank you to our judges: Oscar, Jackson, Jasmine, and Gladys for making the hard choices, and Junior Reporters; Anabelle and Riley for documenting the event! Enjoy some more photographs of the event.