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Dinner Challenge

What was the challenge: The challenge was to make dinner and tarts while staying under the budget of 20 dollars.

What I planned: So first I thought of the things to put in the tarts and then just bought a pre-made pizza

What I bought: I bought a pre-made pie dough and strawberries, raspberries, pineapples, mango and a lemon.

How much it cost: It cost 20 dollars

What I did: First I pre-heated the oven to 450 degrees F. Put the pie crust in cupcake tins and then put them in the oven when they are almost done take them out and put the fruit in. Then once completely done take out and let it cool down and take them out carefully. Then ENJOY!

What I’ll do better next time: Is keep the pie crust in longer before putting the fruit in.

So that’s what I did for dinner. I also had a lot of fun making them and I hope you ENJOY making yours too! I had a lot of fun making dinner! So that is why I think you should try it too. It was fun having a chance to get to cook for the family.

A note from Mom: I have done this “challenge” with my kids on a couple of occasions. They learn the value of money and what goes on the dinner table. It also sparks a conversation about the costs of eating out and eating at home. Which can save us TONS! Kids feel empowered when they can contribute to the family, learn something new, and get to create. We’ve also had conversations about food groups and making sure we have something from each; however, this time, Mom was too tired to worry about that. I’d say she did pretty good though. If you have a cool “lesson in disguise” that you do with your kids, let us know! magicsandboxwebazine@gmail.com.

It’s like “Where’s Waldo.” Do you see her?