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Spreading Some Joy in Sunny Florida

Delilah (age 4) and her mom love to spend time outdoors, crafting, and spreading joy. They live in St. Pete, Florida and have joined a group called St Pete Rocks. “The concept is simple —  paint rocks,  hide rocks,  find rocks! Spread joy! Some rocks are done by amazing artists, some are just words, some are painted by the kids, then you “hide” them in parks or any random place.  People find them and they can keep or rehide them. The purpose, as I see it, is twofold….finding a little treasure can brighten someone’s day…and it’s a great activity to get outdoors and do some exercise walking the parks to hide and look for them! The little group began just over a year ago and now has over 30,000 members in the area.

Delilah absolutely loves being part of it! She understands it is about spreading happy thoughts to other people and giving them a little bit of joy in their day by finding a pretty Rock. She also has become quite a fan of being outdoors and going on adventures in new parks. It’s also taught her about sharing because there are now so many members and there are rocks just about everywhere. We’ve taught her that you don’t have to take every rock that you find but you leave some for others to find too. The whole experience has been great.”

Delilah and her mom have hidden around 100 rocks and have found even more! She loves it when the rocks have characters on them, especially Pete the Cat and Winnie the Pooh. She knows she is making other kids happy when they find them. My sweet friend, Delilah, has invited me to go to the park with them, so she can show me how to find rocks! I’ll be on the next plane…

There are many groups in the United States that paint and hide rocks (Olivia’s Kindness Rocks, Sweet Buffalo Rocks, St Pete Rocks, the Magic SandBox–that’s us!, and many others.)

How do you spread joy?

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