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Crisson Gold Mine

Located in the north part of Georgia among the Blue Ridge Mountains, is a town called Dahlonega.  The town is know for being the location of one of the major gold rushes in the United States, and even has a Gold Museum where you can learn more about mining.  We also learned about the history of the area and had a chance to look for our own gold nuggets and gemstones.

Check out the pictures below to see some of our adventure…


The mine has a lot of equipment that is used in the process of gold mining.  The images above show some of the larger mining equipment and an example of a minecart that would be used to remove sediment a long time ago.  When miners would use these, they would often be digging for gold in the mines with small items, such as hammers, chisels, pickaxes, and even shovels.

Screens and Goldpans are items that miners might use when trying to find gold.  The image in the middle is a trommel.  A trommel is made of a screen that helps separate minerals.  It is set up on an angle, where water and sediment will run down the screen.  As the water rinses away the dirt, the screen will catch the sediment and allow you to see if there are any pieces of gold or gemstones left.  Using a trommel allows you to look for these items quicker than using a pan to sift the sediment by hand.

The image on the right is of an antique stamp mill.  It is 130 years old and used to crush quartz rock, where gold can be located.  It still works and can be seen running on the tour of the grounds.  If you are able to visit the Gold Mine and see the stamp mill in action, you are definitely seeing something unique. This is the only working antique stamp mill in the whole state of Georgia!

We hope you enjoyed learning about our adventure.  If you would like to learn more about The Crisson Gold Mine, you can visit their site by clicking the link below.


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