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Why Homeschool is SO COOL!

Hello, my name is Sienna.  My sister, Autumn, and I are homeschooled by our mother.  It is an amazing way to learn because you can do it your way.  Instead of a tightly scheduled day in a cramped classroom or waiting in a long line, you can do things in your own time. You can use what you want to learn the curriculum. We use the Life of Fred books by Stanley F. Schmidt, Ph.D. to learn math. It turns the math you need to know into a story. We learn history in a story form too. It really makes it more interesting to learn about what would sometimes seem boring and repetitious in public school. You can also do it where you want; in the living room, at the table, in your room, or at the park, as long as you learn the material. You don’t have to wake up at absurdly early times to get to school on time or stay up late doing your homework; you do things at reasonable times each day. Your schedule is flexible, so you can take time off when you have something special to do, even in the middle of the week, as long as you make up that time later. You can pursue your personal interests, whether it’s knitting while your teacher (my mom) reads, or taking time to write a story, or an article like this one. Many more things are possible when your school is home. That’s why homeschool is SO COOL! ☺

What kind of school do you attend? Each one is special in its own way. Tell us about what inspires you. If you’d like to connect with Sienna, you can email magicsandboxwebazine@gmail.com. We, at the Magic SandBox, wish you all a wonderful school year!