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Meet Grayson

Hi.  You haven’t met me yet, but my name is Grayson.  I am a one year and three months old Lab mix.  My mom asked me if I wanted to be a mascot for The Magic SandBox and I couldn’t wait to introduce myself to all of you.  I spend a lot of time playing because even though I am over a year old and I look like a grown up dog, I still act like a puppy.  You see, that’s the thing about dogs.  We may look grown up, but we have so much energy, that we just have to find ways to use it up.  My mom said that as a mascot, I can tell you fun stories about my adventures and also help teach kids more about dogs.

One thing I was thinking about sharing with you is that dogs do not like fireworks.  My mom told me yesterday that 4th of July is coming soon.  I looked at her and said, “No way am I going to see some of those crazy lights in the sky mom.  So don’t you even think about trying to bring me because I will run away and hide.”  You see, that’s the thing about us dogs.  We don’t like those crazy lights in the sky that spray colors and make loud noises.  I can’t understand why people like them because I think they are super scary.  They remind me of those UFO things!  What if one of them goes off and tries to chase me or something?!  Holy cow.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how we feel about the 4th of July.  Most of us dogs like picnics and visiting with people, but we don’t like those fireworks things.  So, if you have a dog and want to have him or her play during the daytime on 4th of July, that’s okay with us.  But, when night time gets here, can you please take us home to our safe, comfy bed?  We will miss you while you are out for the night with your family and friends, but we will be much happier and feel safe at home.  We don’t want to be scared and run away from the loud noises.

Anyway, I have some playing to catch up on…and maybe a nap or two.  You remember what I told you, okay?  I’ll write to you again soon and maybe I’ll have an adventure to share.  Happy 4th of July! Stay safe and have fun.

You Newest Dog Friend,