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There is May Day, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day, but there are a lot of holidays in May that you might not know about.  We thought we would list some of the ones you may not know.  Can you think of some fun ways to celebrate them?

May 3rd – National Two-Different Colored Shoes Day

May 4th – National Star Wars Day

May 5th – National Teacher Appreciation Day

May 6th – National Nurses Day

May 8th – National No Socks Day

May 11th – National Train Day

May 13th – National Apple Pie Day

May 15th – National Chocolate Chip Day

May 23rd – World Turtle Day

May 24th – National Scavenger Hunt Day

May 25th – National Tap Dance Day

May 26th – National Paper Airplane Day

If you can think of some fun ways to celebrate, let us know!  Send us your ideas and pictures so that we can create a May Gallery!