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In this edition of The Showcase, we would like to introduce you to Jayden.  From speaking with his mom, we have learned about the inspiration behind his art.

Jayden has always been a fan of Stan Lee and Marvel.  He memorized an entire encyclopedia of characters at a very young age.  Due to Jayden’s Autism and Tourette’s Syndrome, it has always been hard for him to take ideas and words from his head and put them to paper.  It physically hurts him to write at times and has never really worked on art projects or written work for a long period of time.  Jayden has always admired Stan Lee and everything he stood for in the animation world.  When Stan Lee passed away Jayden was sad, as if Stan was our own family member.  The day after his passing Jayden came home from school with his first 2 characters – Ice Boy and Fire Demon.  Since then he has created 24 more characters.”   He also has an entire storyline planned out for each of his characters, which they are hoping to write out together in the near future.

Check out the gallery below to see some of Jayden’s wonderful creations!

Jayden inspired the family to start a Youtube Channel, where he is 1/3 of the Thumbs Up Kids.   After 2 years of requests, Mom and Dad finally said YES!  They only had 2 conditions:

1.  That they are always involved in the process.

2.  That it is always fun!

In October 2017 the Thumbs Up Kids was born!  The Thumbs Up Kids are 3 siblings who love creating memories in fun ways!  They enjoy doing challenges, playing games, reviewing toys, going on adventures and having fun!  Our Motto is “Always keep creating memories,”  and that is precisely what they are doing.

Click on the link below to visit their You Tube Channel!

If you would like to tell Jayden how much you like his artwork, you can always email magicsandboxwebazine@gmail.com, and we’ll make sure he gets it!