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English 8, 10 & 11, AP Literature & Public Speaking

Regardless of the course your child is enrolled in with Mrs. Wessel, they will be held to high standards and challenged to improve in all areas of reading, writing, and communication.

There is much flexibility in the curriculum for revisions and improving grades; however, students are expected to advocate for themselves.

Minimal homework assignments are given in most courses unless productivity is low during class time. Typically, it is beneficial to be hard-working in class, so students are not overloaded with ELA homework after school. After all, ALL other homework, from other classes, will support reading, writing, and/or communication skills.

In addition to teaching, Mrs. Wessel is class of 2024 co-advisor, Mock Trial co-advisor, head cheerleading coach, and is in charge of the Notre Dame newsletter.

Mrs. Wessel can be reached by email sarah.wessel@ndhsbatavia.com.