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By: Maddy

My name is Maddy Lippold, I am 14 years old and my favorite hobby is making origami. I’m the type of person who likes to create things.  Making origami is special to me because I enjoy decorating my room with it as well as sharing my origami to my family and friends. I started making origami when I was 12 years old. I had a hard time making origami at first, but it got easier the more I practiced.  I learned how to make origami by watching YouTube videos. I also have a book called “Easy Origami a Step By Step for Kids” by Mary Meiking and Chris Alexander that helped me create many different types of origami, but I preferred using YouTube for more visual instructions. The types of origami I have made so far are roses, tulips, chairs, pianos, planes, sail boats, hearts, bookmarks (triangle shape), fortune tellers, butterflies, swans, cranes, dresses, ties, t-shirts, hand claws and a saxophone. Two of my favorite origami that I enjoy making more of are roses and butterflies. The materials I use to make origami are tooth picks (for curling the edges of the paper), scissors, tape, square sticky notes or origami paper and a pencil (for marking where to fold). I use my origami to decorate my room, decorate gift boxes, birthday cards and scrap booking. My friends love my origami that I made for them especially origami bookmarks.  I encourage all kids and adults to try making origami because it is fun, relaxing and it brings out your inner creativity.

Why Try Origami?

1. It is a craft you can do anywhere. All you need is paper and patience.

2. Origami is an old tradition that originated in Japan hundreds of years ago.

3. Legend has it folding a thousand paper cranes can bring you good luck.