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Do you have something that you feel passionate about? Avishi Gupta is eleven years old and feels it is very important to have only healthy meal choices in schools.  Check out the submission Avishi sent to us and see if you can be persuaded…

Fast Food Should Be Banned From Schools

By Avisha Gupta


Fast food may cost less, but is it worth the cost of your life?  The diseases fast food cause are “not” to be taken lightly:  stroke, diabetes, heart diseases and obesity are to name a few.  The “convenient” food also may cause us to live short lives.  Students can easily get addicted to fast food.   As a matter of fact, junk food should be junked from the school menus.  Do you want to trade your health for food?  I know I don’t!

The fried and processed food make the ingredients heavier.  The heavier the food service, the sleepier pupils get.  How does this affect us?  It makes us lethargic and lazy.  Eating the junk food makes us inactive and makes pupils lose concentration during lesson.  When we don’t pay attention in class, we learn zilch and we are just wasting our time.  Education is the most important skill in life and just because of food we might miss that.  Everything could be at risk if you continue to consume fast food.

Here is yet another reason we should not pig out on this dangerous food.  Did you know that more than half of the time we get unwell because of fast food?  Fast food can very simply make us sick for the rest of our lives.  This type of food can harm our digestive system completely!  That means you can suffer for the rest of your life!  I’m sure everyone would give up eating fast food to live a healthy life – free of suffering.

Ever found it hard to stretch?  Well I have news for you, that could be a side effect of fast food.  Fast food is directly connected to your fitness level.  If you consume fast food, it can lead to life long obesity and cancer.  Plus it can make you lazy which can cause arthritis.  Fast food is one of the things that ruin you life the most.

Cutting a long story short, eating this toxic food should not be permitted in school because the school should teach us to make smart and healthy choices, not encourage unhealthy ones.  Eating fast food is risking your life by making it prone to many serious diseases.

Thank you Avisha for sharing with us!  You made some very strong points in your writing.

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