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My name is Raziel Sink.  I am 11 years old and in the 8th grade. I am determined to make this world a better place.  In fourth grade I was the victim of bullying. I was cussed out everyday, my belongings were stolen, and my clothing destroyed.  I hated going to school for awhile, and eventually switched schools. I didn’t let it bring me down for long, instead I decided to do something about it!  During my fifth grade year, I created and ran an entire month long bullying prevention campaign at my elementary campus. This included me going into every classroom, grades K-5 to teach weekly character education classes; starting a Kindness Givers club; having themed events to raise awareness of bullying; and ending with an assembly where I gave a speech and showed video messages from celebrities about bully prevention. The following year I was on the middle and highschool campus and was determined to make my campaign bigger and better.  Since this is a campaign I plan on continuing beyond my highschool graduation, I decided it was time to expand. That year I brought my campaign to my new campus, continued it at my old one, and spoke at a couple of other locations. This schoolyear I have formed a partnership with the local professional soccer team, spread my message on the local news, and am trying to get more schools to join in my program. I continue to fundraise to build a bully prevention toolkit which has books, posters, bracelets, etc. to utilize during bully prevention month. I try to be a leader in all things I do.  This got me nominated for and accepted to the National Youth Leadership Forum Pathways to STEM conference in Dallas two summers ago. I got to learn more about leadership skills, along with many neat STEM topics. STEM is one of my big passions and my dream when I grow up is to be a forensic pathologist. My hobbies include spending time with my rescued schnoxie dog Cricket, soccer, reading (especially mythology), going to movies, going to escape rooms, and learning French. Aside from my bullying prevention campaign, I love doing things to help raise money for childhood cancer research and I enjoy getting to be an extra on movie sets when I get the opportunity.  I have also had the wonderful experience of speaking to a college class about teachers working with gifted students. I hope you will follow my projects and I will keep you up to date with all I am doing to change the world. Remember to give kindness.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Raziel!  We are glad you were able to overcome being bullied and find ways to help others.  Please keep us updated on how your program continues to grow and help other kids!


Have you ever been bullied or seen someone being bullied?  If you or a friend is experiencing this, the best thing to do is to tell an adult.  Please know that you are not alone.  As Raziel has taught us, there is always help.

If you would like to send Raziel comments or share your own story of how you are helping others, you can email them to magicsandboxwebazine@gmail.com and we will pass them on!  We would love to hear from you!