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Pets are an important part of our lives.  I don’t know about yours, but my dog Grayson is always there to greet me and cheer me up after I have had a long day.  Our friend Jennifer sent pictures of her pets to us and shared a little bit of information about each one.  Check out the pictures of her cute pets below!

Weeble Kitty

Weeble is a CH kitty who is deaf.  (CH stands for cerebellar hypoplasia.  It is a condition that can cause problems with coordination.)

Bella Dog

This is Bella.  She was adopted from Lollypop Farm.  (Lollypop Farm is an animal shelter that helps pets find their families and forever homes.)

Onnie Dog

This is Onnie.  Onnie is 13 years old.

Piper Dog

This is Piper.  She is deaf and doesn’t see very well, but she knows sign language.  Piper is what they call a double merle Australian shepherd.  (A merle dog has certain color patterns in their fur.  If the dog parents are both merle, some of their puppies can be born with side effects, such as blindness and problems hearing.)

Birdie Horse

This is Birdie.  She is a quarter horse that is 14 years old.

Thank you Jennifer, for letting us meet your wonderful pets!

Do you have pets at your house?  Would you like to share pictures and stories about them with us?  You can email them to us at magicsandboxwebazine@gmail.com!