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Sibling Static Gets the Dance Party Started!

Sibling Static Has Sent Us a New Video!

Check out the dance party and what they are doing to help stop bullying!

We have created a YouTube channel FOR kids BY kids. We were inspired to start a channel after seeing the lack of kid friendly channels available to older kids like us (ages 8-13).  We love making people smile & laugh, so naturally that’s what we try to do!

“I think what separates us from other channels is that the kids are involved in 100% of the creative process. They come up with the concept, dad and I help a little to direct and film, and the kids edit every single video themselves.  Cameron age 10 does the basic editing such as cutting out unnecessary footage. Jaden age 12 does all the rest of the detailed editing.  He hopes to edit big films when he grows up!” shared Momma Static

 The purpose of our channel isn’t to just entertain, but to spread the message of #choosekindness to everyone who watches our videos…especially kids!  Many kids (especially middle school age) are experiencing bullying and negativity for the first time in their lives. We believe a little kindness goes a long way for a kid trying to navigate that environment.

We’re a relatively new channel,  but we are already playing with the idea of reaching out to our local schools to promote our message at pep rallies or other school functions.

If you like what Sibling Static is doing, let them know by sending an email to magicsandboxwebazine@gmail.com and visiting their YouTube channel!

Name: Jaden
Age: 12
State/Country: Louisiana, USA
Hobbies: Editing & playing video games
Why I make videos: I like using my creativity to make people smile & laugh.
Name: Cameron
Age: 10
State/Country: Louisiana, USA
Hobbies: Gymnastics & playing video games
Why I make videos: I like dressing up and acting silly to make people laugh