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Meet Mrs. Johnson!

Why are you nominating Mrs. Johnson, from Alexander Central School, for the Teacher Showcase?

"I think Mrs Johnson deserves to be recognized because she goes above and beyond. My son just moved to the district she teaches in. He’s been very skeptical of making friends and trusting his new teacher. Until preschool my son was lucky enough to be cared for by my family and wasn’t around kids much. His first experience away from us was in preschool where he excelled and developed strong relationships with his friends and teachers there.

When we moved he had to move in to a new house, away from his friends, in a new school and no longer had family taking care of him most days. It was a big adjustment for a 5 year old, and Mrs. Johnson does amazing with him. He’s very reserved and shy, but she works with him, and he’s definitely coming out of his shell. She has even reached out to me to see if there is anything special she can do to help him along which in my opinion is amazing. I’ve heard of some teachers who don’t really try or just let the kids “be," not Mrs. Johnson. She’s interactive and always trying to make Aiden smile (which he tells me). She’s a great teacher and the kids are lucky to have her!!!"

Aiden says, "she’s special because she puts nice music on in the class and that’s my favorite and she also helps me with my math and is nice."

From Mrs. Johnson's Desk:

What age level is your specialty: "I am definitely an Early Childhood teacher. I have taught Kindergarten for 14 out of my 15 years and I love it. The 'little kids' have always held a special place in my heart."

How long have you been a teacher? "This is my 15th year as a teacher, all at Alexander (New York). I taught my first year in 4th grade and the rest have been in Kindergarten."

"Something I have learned from my students is to let lose and live in the moment, never take things too seriously. Kindergarteners see the joy in everything and are so spontaneous. They have taught me that the lesson we are doing will be there tomorrow but the spider crawling across the floor will not. Take the time to learn what is in front of you! (And yes I once chased a large spider through the parking lot and under my car just so my students could observe it)

Besides that, teaching means the world to me. I can not imagine myself doing anything but teaching and working with young children. I absolutely love seeing how excited my students get when they finally grasp a concept we are learning. My students make my job fun and so rewarding. As a teacher of young children I have always tried to remember to keep the fun in learning and keep learning active. One of my favorite things to do with my students is retell stories in interactive ways. We enjoy acting stories out as we retell key details.

In math one of my favorite lessons is using hula hoops to create number bonds that we can all fit in to show simple addition / subtraction problems. Children transfer their learning so much easier when it is memorable and meaningful to them.

I am honored to have touched so many children's lives as well as their families. So many of my students family's become friends long beyond the year they spend in my classroom. My first classes have recently begun graduating and I have been so honored to have been remembered by so many families at the time. I look forward to many more years in education."

Thank you, Mrs Johnson for making such a positive impact on your students and allowing us to share your nomination. We appreciate everything you do, and it's obvious that your students love you for it.

We hope you have enjoyed meeting Mrs. Johnson and learning about why her students and their parents like having her for a teacher. Do you have a teacher that you want to recognize? You can send your submissions for the teacher showcase to magicsandboxwebazine@gmail.com. We would love to hear from you!