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The Super Blood Wolf Moon lunar eclipse was visible on January 29, 2019 in areas all over the world. A lunar eclipse happens when the moon passes behind Earth and causes a shadow to creep across the moon at different stages. This type of lunar eclipse will not be visible in North America again until 2022. But that’s not all that happened. “As if a super blood wolf moon wasn’t enough, some observers noticed another spectacular sighting in the sky Sunday night: a small flash of light. During the lunar eclipse, a meteorite struck the moon” (May, 2019). Meteorites are space rocks (meteors) that enter the Earth’s atmosphere. They are made of rock and/or metals. For more information take a look at the links below, and take a look at the photographs sent to us from Kelly Diane in New York, and Alan Amick in South Carolina. Thank you for your contributions!


Photos by: Kelly Diane

Photos by: Alan Amick