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Freddie the Fly

One day, Freddie the fly was buzzing around the neighborhood, minding his own business. Not paying attention to where he was going, he found out too late that he was in danger.

Freddie flew directly into the path of a huge, dark, smelly tunnel. The tunnel started to spit, choke, and gasp all at once.

“Ack, ack,” the tunnel said.

“Where am I?” Freddie buzzed loudly.

With a strong stream of air, Freddie was blown out of the place.

“What was that?” shook Freddie as he made his escape. “It was real scary in there.”

Being of curious nature, Freddie flew a short distance away and then returned a few minutes later. Closer and closer and closer he got to the big tunnel opening. The tunnel closed just as Freddie got within inches of it. Curious, Freddie landed on top of a small mountain, above the tunnel. A big monster with five tentacles swatted at him. Once again, Freddie flew away.

Freddie was more curious than before. So, this time, Freddie thought he’d be braver. As he started to buzz the enormous thing, the thing started to grow, and grow, and grow.

“Wow,” buzzed Freddie, “it’s enormous!” He flew away.

After awhile Freddie couldn’t help himself. He flew back to take a good look at his discovery.

“Swish, swish, swish,” a big blue square flashed by him as he flew around. Again, Freddie decided he needed a closer look.

“Swish! Slap!” the blue square, on a white stick, slapped the place where Freddie had been sitting.

Again and again and again the blue square slapped the places where Freddie tried to land.

Freddie’s Uncle Sirius came buzzing by. “What are you up to, Freddie?” he asked.

Freddie told him all about his experience.

“Fly away, Freddie!” Uncle Sirius yelled at Freddie. “Danger!”

Swish, swish, splat! The thing came closer and closer. Uncle Sirius buzzed around and around, making the blue monster madder and madder. It was no longer quiet. The tunnel opened and started making some of the worst sounds Uncle Sirius and Freddie had ever heard.

They flew as far away as they could, without landing. Finally, the monster started to shrink back down. The blue part of it lay quietly across it. After a few minutes, the tunnel began to open. Strange sounds flowed from it’s opening. Uncle Sirius saw that the thing was getting calmer and calmer. He told Freddie to stay far, far away from it. Freddie thanked his uncle for saving him and took off for another adventure.

Meet The Author

Isobel Breck

Our featured author writes under the pen name Isobel Breck.  She lives in upstate NY with her husband and two Jack Russels.  Isobel started writing children’s stories when her first grandchild was born.  FREDDIE THE FLY is based on actual events.


If you liked Freddie the Fly you can write to the author at magicsandboxwebazine@gmail.com or send us your stories and maybe you can be our next featured author.

Autumn supplied the artwork for Freddie the Fly.  She is the winner of our very first art contest!  We want to thank Autumn and all the other talented artists that submitted their work.  Keep checking back for our next contest!

One reader said about the story:  “It’s like a mystery. I’m pretty sure that one monster was a fly swatter, but I still don’t know what the other was.” — Abby (age 9)