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Welcome to Magic Sandbox!

Our Mission and Vision

The Magic Sandbox is an interactive, kids’ webazine that celebrates intelligence, courage, creativity, and entrepreneurship of the young people in American communities, as well as the educators, mentors, and volunteers that help make it possible. Children have the power to make the world a place of new hope and beginnings. We, at the Magic Sandbox, recognize this and want to make stars out of these children deserving recognition.

  • To promote creativity, we will showcase future artists, musicians, and writers.
  • By encouraging community involvement, we will highlight youth and their innovative, community outreach.
  • To support health and fitness, we will make examples of athletic success and progress.
  • To inspire academic growth, we will share stories of educational success in and outside the classroom that bring to light new and innovative teaching methods and student success stories

With ever-changing advances in technology, children spend a great deal of time on computers, playing video games, and interacting with other hand-held devices. The Magic Sandbox strives to promote a positive and safe, as well as interactive technological environment, that will allow them to play and learn, while also improving motor skills, increasing computer skills, and encouraging electronic media literacy.

Literacy is highly important to the future success of our youth. With innovations like the Magic Sandbox, we can give them an opportunity to learn while they are having fun and give them a platform to express themselves in unique and interesting ways. By acknowledging and supporting a well-rounded education, we can help today’s youth in making learning an interesting and fun experience.

This is the mission of the Magic Sandbox.

2019 East Bethany Cupcake Event!

Thanks to our sponsor, Dr. Gladys Cleland of Baldwinsville, NY we are offering 20 kids aged 5-12 a free registration to our cupcake decorating event. Each registrant after will pay a $5 expense fee.

The event will take place at the East Bethany Fire Hall on February 16th from 1:30-3:30.

Do you like what you see? Would you like to become part of our team? Email us to find out how to sponsor your favorite page! Options available for businesses, organizations, and individuals. magicsandboxwebazine@gmail.com

Thank you for your sponsorship Isobel Breck and Dr. Gladys Cleland!


Kim Whitehead

Artist, Dreamer, and Dog Mom

Sarah Wessel

Leader, Teacher, and Super Mom


The Magic SandBox is currently comprised of two team members, just trying to make a difference. Kim and Sarah have been friends since 1993 and have had many adventures together!

Kim is the web designer and graphic artist of The Magic SandBox. She has been an artist since she could grab her first crayon. With two art degrees now: studio art and graphic design, she can now put her talent to work for her. Join her at The Magic SandBox to share your artistic expressions and learn some new tricks along the way.

Sarah has always loved reading and writing. Having read just about everything she could get her hands on as a child, she would turn her own imagination into stories, poems, and screenplays. As the content editor and marketing specialist for The Magic SandBox, she can put those communication and education degrees to work here by helping YOU become featured on this kid friendly site.

July 2018:

We’re excited that you have decided to join on us on this adventure!

We were recently featured in two newspapers.  Check out the links below to read the articles!

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