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Do you have a subject that you feel passionate about?  Avisha feels that students need to have only healthy meal choices in school.  Do you think you can be persuaded?


Tips From the Ref

Wrestling is a challenging physical sport.  Have you wondered what it takes?  We’ve got tips directly from the ref!  Click on the link below to check it out!

Elijah’s Photos

Do you like to take photos?  Elijah’s hobby is photography and he shared some of his work with us.  Click the link to check it out!

Social Media Shout Out!

Do you enjoy to help others?  We have a story straight from social media about an eight year old that has helped rescue animals for her birthday.  Check it out!

The Shopping Challenge!!!

Do you know how to plan a dinner for your family?  Anabelle took the challenge to budget her shopping trip and make dinner for her family.  Check it out!

Dancing with Tucker

Do you enjoy trying new activities?  Our friend Tucker has tried a couple of two styles of dance and he is excited to try more!  Check out the link below to read more about it and find out why Tucker loves to dance!


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What Would You Do?

Emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere.  The more you learn, the better prepared you will be.  We have put together some tips and found some videos that can help you be prepared if and when an emergency occurs.

Thomas Jefferson’s Home

Thomas Jefferson was our third president.  He is on the $2.00 bill and also the Nickel.  Jasmine recently took a trip to his former home.  Click the link below to learn about her trip!


Grayson’s Ideas for Summer Fun

Do you need some ideas for things to do this summer?  Grayson is here to share some of his ideas for ways to fill your summer with fun.  Click the link below!

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