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Happy Birthday To Our Birthday Club Members!

May 1st – Aidan

May 10th – Tucker

May 29th – Anabelle

June 6th- Jasmine

June 9th – Carly

June 19th – Riley

What do you call a rabbit with fleas?

bugs bunny!

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May 6th is National Nurses Day!


Jack loves Hockey!  We received a submission about how Jack was doing earlier this season.  Click the link below to find out why he loves the sport!


Can you guess some other May Holidays?  Check out the link below to find out some other holidays you may not know about!


Do you enjoy dancing?  Our friend Riley has sent us some choreography!  Click on the link below so you can learn her dance and follow along!


Do you like to take photos?  Our friend Raz  has photography as one of her hobbies.  Click the link below to see what she shared with us!


We have a new submission from one of our Junior Reporters!  Click on the link below to read an original poem by Daisy!


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Spring is here and the Bluebirds could be some of your newest neighbors!


The Magic SandBox held a sock hop in February.  Were you there?  Check out the link below to see some of the fun we had!


Check out the link below for an interview by Daisy!  She spoke with Illana Raia, founder of Être and author of “Être Girls, Who Do You Want To Be?”

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