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Spring is almost here.  You may start seeing Bluebirds showing up in your area very soon.  At the end of winter, they start to migrate north in order to look for places to make nests.

Bluebirds are medium sized birds and there are three different varieties.  There are Eastern, Mountain, and Western.

Each one looks different from the others.  Some have a small amount of blue feathers, while others can be almost entirely blue.  Many people enjoy having them live nearby because they are beautiful to see, and they like to sing.

Bluebirds like to eat insects and spiders.  One of their favorite foods are mealworms.  You can get them at a store and put them in a feeder for the birds to enjoy.  There are many other birds that like them too.

Bluebirds nest in early spring and summer.  They make small, round nests where they usually lay 4 or 5 eggs.  Many people put up bluebird houses to provide the birds a safe place to build their nest.  After about 2 weeks the eggs will hatch.  The adult bluebirds will bring the babies food for 2 or 3 more weeks until they are grown up enough to fly out.

Bluebirds will typically stay until the weather gets cold, and then they will migrate for the winter.  In the cold weather, there are fewer insects, and it is easier to find food in the warmer weather in the south.  They will stay there until the following spring, when they migrate north again.

If you see any, take a picture and send it to us: magicsandboxwebazine@gmail.com. Just don’t disturb their nests.