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Noah’s Dinosaur Adventure

Haven’t you always wanted to meet a dinosaur? Noah’s big sister took him on a dinosaur adventure in Syracuse, New York.

His two favorite parts were riding the dinos and watching the baby dinosaur show, especially when the baby T-Rex bit his hat. Better watch out for those teeth, Noah, I hear they can be several inches long! The Tyrannosaurus Rex (or T-Rex) was a carnivore (which means they ate meat.) Noah said he loved looking around at the “ginormous” T-Rex which looked really real.

Some dinosaurs only ate plants; they are called herbivores and usually had very long necks to be able to reach high up in the trees for leaves.

Noah and the other kids also got to do some crafts and excavate fossils in clay. There are places all over the world where excavators dig up fossils and other artifacts of things from the past. What a neat way to learn: dig in the dirt!

Check out some of the pictures Noah sent to us. What is your favorite dinosaur?

Would you like to learn more about dinosaurs?  We found a lot of fun and interesting information by visiting National Geographic Kids.  If you would like to learn more, check it out by clicking the link below:

If you would like to learn more about the event that Noah visited and if it will be in a city near you, visit the link below:

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