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We all love music.  There are so many styles of music, that we couldn’t even think of them all to list here!  While some kids like to listen to music, there are others that also enjoy making music.  If you want to listen to music or submit your video creating music, you’ve come to the right place.  You’ve entered the recording studio…

Singing Sisters

5 tips for a singing audition preparation

  1. Always warm up before singing!

You probably know you should warm up before performing. Just like playing an instrument or playing sports. Well in this case, your voice is your instrument. So, you have to respect it just like anything else. IF you are just beginning singing you might want to start off with a scale or sol-ledge (Do Rai Mi…) If you have sung before then this isn’t new. Try to expand your exercises. Challenge yourself and make up your own warm-up.

  1. Know your range

Again, if this is your first performance, you need to know how high or low you can sing. If you can sing pretty high, then you are probably a soprano. Just under Soprano is Alto, then Baritone. Baritone can cover Tenor and Bass.

  1. Have options

When choosing an audition song, people mostly lean toward their favorite songs rather than songs that are good for them. A “good song for you” means something that fits your voices. So, you need to hear how you sound singing multiple songs. If you are competing, keep this simple pointer in mind: judges like it when people sing songs in a foreign language. It doesn’t mean you have to go learn a whole new language, just that song. Just ALWAYS make sure you know what your song means. Cantar!

  1. Practice, practice, practice!

You probably hear this a lot from coaches and instructors, but you need to practice! Never show up to an audition or a performance without having your song engraved into your heart. Nobody enjoys listening to people stumble on words, not understanding what they are singing (unless it’s karaoke!) It is very important to make sure others understand that you know what you are doing.


Yes, that’s right! Have fun, not only because you enjoyed your time singing, but again, judges love to watch you doing the thing you love. Your emotions spread to those who are listening. IF you are bored and not having fun, neither is your audience! So, make sure you are having fun because it shows! Good Luck!


Jasmine W. (12)

Meet The Artists

Jasmine (12) has been singing loudly for all to hear since she was three years old. She took to the stage at the county fair when she was 10. And last year she made it to the semi-finals at the NYS Fair.

Her singing sister, Anabelle (8) debuted at the county fair this past year and took home second prize. She also sang in the semi-finals at the NYS Fair.