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How we celebrate Winter

Winter is one of the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn/Fall, and Winter. In the Northern Hemisphere, Winter is the coldest season. It spans from December to March each year. Most of our Magic SandBox friends live in the Northern Hemisphere in the United States and Canada. In the Southern Hemisphere, Winter is June, July, and August. That is when it is very cold there. The Southern Hemisphere is below the equator. This includes parts of Africa, Australia, South America, and Antarctica.

During the Winter, many people living in the United States and Canada play in the snow. They build snowmen, igloos, and snow-angels. Some enjoy ice skating, sledding, snow-mobiling, and snow-shoeing. Many people celebrate Christmas with Santa Claus, and Christianity with Jesus. Our Jewish friends celebrate Chanukah and the festival of lights.

Around the world, people have other ways of celebrating in the Winter. In Europe, some people celebrate St. Nicholas Day and help people who are more needy than themselves. Kwanzaa is an African holiday to celebrate family and culture. In Japan, people celebrate the brining of luck for the new year in Toji.

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